A poem for our little boy...

2013 February 21

Created by Gemma 6 years ago
These five long years They've gone so fast, And so much has happened In the time that has passed, Two little brothers To watch over everyday, But we miss you just as much As when you went away. You are so special to us Our precious little boy, While we still feel great sadness Thoughts of you bring us joy, The times that we shared And how we love each other, We see your angel face In your little brothers. We hope that you know Just how special you are, we will always hold you close you will never be too far, Our first little baby We cherished and watched grow, Our pride, love and joy Even when you had to go. We never wanted to say goodbye To our special little man, Thoughts of you are never far away And we do what we can, To raise money in your name To help others like you, So they can stay here Like we wanted you to. You are so special and perfect In every single way, And we look forward To be reunited with you one day. But for now We will meet only in dreams, As we dream or all the times that there should have been.